What does a local church affiliation mean?

Information on the "ACK clause"

Recommendation to member churches on the application of the 2018 ACK clause:

The ACK in Baden-Württemberg advocates and advocates

(a)that ACK clauses are formulated and handled according to their purpose as an opening clause;

(b)that the formulation and handling of the ACK clauses are coordinated among the churches and harmonized as far as possible;

(c)that formulations are used that either explicitly include all forms of membership or leave them open - e.g. open formulations such as "... connected to the ACK";

(d)that in this area one does not have to hope for the good will of individual decision-makers, but can rely on reliable ecumenical cooperation.

The full text of the recommendation as a pdf:
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The ACK recommends that its member churches "allow members of other ACK member churches to be employed in their church institutions wherever possible". *

Many church employees in the area of ​​the member churches of the ACK, including Diakonie and Caritas, therefore use the so-called ACK clause as a basis for the recruitment criterion of church membership when it comes to employment issues. This means that those church employees can be employed (in certain positions) who belong to their own church or (mostly understood as an exception or discretionary decision) to a church or church community that is affiliated to the Working Group of Christian Churches.
The ACK clause also applies to employee representation law. That means that in employee representatives of church employees it is only possible to vote who belongs to a church that is affiliated with the ACK. **
The following points must be observed:

1. The decision about employment is made solely by the employee, not the ACK. This only gives recommendations to their member churches and information about their member churches.

2. ACK membership is understood in most church orders not only to mean full membership. Some ecclesiastical legal texts explicitly refer to the different variants of ACK cooperation. Advisory participation (often referred to as "guest membership" or "guest status") is in any case covered by formulations such as "affiliated with the ACK", "belonging" or "working in the ACK". The ACK has an interest in a broad interpretation of the clause.

3. The list of ACK member churches at federal level (www.oekumene-ack.de) as well as the list of ACK member churches at regional, i.e. state, level must always be taken as a basis. These have great overlaps. For historical and formal reasons, however, some ACK member churches are only represented at one or the other level. ACK membership on one of the two levels is therefore sufficient. Membership only at the local level (in a local city ACK, but not at the state or federal level) can only be used for employment issues at this location.
The church employment regulations and MAV legal regulations can be obtained from the respective churches or church employees.
* The asterisks refer to footnotes in the 2013 leaflet, which is available as a PDF file for the Available.
Leaflet 2013 as a pdf file: