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From Bike-Martin - The Himalayas - the mightiest and highest mountains in the world. There is no question that every pass driver dreams of driving over the roof of the world with their own muscle power. If in the Alps passes over 2000 m are already described as high alpine, the larger passes in the Himalayas are at least twice as high. From a political point of view, the Indian Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh (Kashmir) in particular are perfect for mountain passes. Especially in Ladakh, which means "land of high passes" (La = pass), there are some of the highest and most beautiful passes in the world.
Probably one of the most beautiful (pass) tours of all is the drive from Shimla via Spiti to Leh or on to Srinagar. The roads are in good condition and can be used with a touring bike without any problems (suspension fork is strongly recommended). The passes in the Indian Himalayas are rarely steep (max. 10%), as all trucks, some of which are ancient, also have to go up the passes. The greatest obstacle is the enormous height of up to 5500 m. It is therefore strongly recommended to take enough time for acclimatization. Since the passes are only free of snow and passable in summer, the best (there only) travel time is August and September.

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