Where does a spirit guide come from?

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The spirit guide
The spiritual guides
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The spirit guide is sexless and an energy of light. When he shows himself to us, he often takes on a human form, often also as he looked at his last incarnation.

This serves us as humans to the extent that we can accept it for ourselves, because it is easier to understand or accept something when we have a picture of it.

There are main spiritual guides, but also spiritual guides who are supportive for various topics in our life.
These have ended their incarnation cycle for many years and no longer incarnate on earth.
They have all the tasks that they set themselves or have experienced during their lifetime behind them.
Spirit guides are on the 5th level. The levels in the spiritual world are not set up one above the other, as one might imagine, but energetically.
The more experienced, wiser and more luminous an energy is, the more it comes to a level that is energetically equal to it.

The souls of the deceased who have not yet finished their incarnation cycle and are in the middle of the process, that is, come back to earth again and again and slip into different roles in order to gain experience in different situations, are on the earthly plane after their death the 3 and 4 levels.
Together with all their loved ones, who have also accompanied you on the earthly plane and who have preceded you, or who follow you.

The ascended masters such as ZB are on the 6th level. St. Germain, Lady Nada, Pallas Athene and and.

The angels vibrate on the seventh level. Your energy is the highest energetically vibrating frequency and close to God.

Low energies vibrate on the 1 and 2 levels, but I have not yet dealt with them. These vibrations are so low that, in my opinion, they cannot penetrate the astral plane, which is between this world and the hereafter.
But it also does not make it to the higher levels until they have not aligned themselves positively in terms of energy.

Now we come back to the spiritual guides.
Dear deceased can also "lead" us, they are called spirit helpers. They do not vibrate as high as a main spirit guide or a spiritual one. Guidance that stands by our side on certain topics because they have not yet finished their cycle of incarnation. They belong to our soul group.

The main spirit guide can accompany us on the earthly plane from the first moment, that is, he has made it his task to accompany us through our entire cycle. Before each incarnation, we involve him in our project. Spiritual guides, however, change in the course of our lives.

We forge our life plan in his presence. I wrote for the reason, "He can accompany us from the beginning of our cycle", because he too sets himself tasks and continues to rise energetically and his vibrational frequency increases. Depending on maturity.

So it may well be that a main spirit guide accompanies us for only 2 or 3 lives and we get a new one at our side.

Our main spirit guide is interested in our medial growth and helps us to get a good relationship to our, subtle body, to trust and to recognize that we are not only physical, but also subtle and that we have our consciousness here as well can expand on the earthly plane, to a certain extent.

He supports us in our perception. I Eg. Do not make any contacts without my spiritual guide, because he filters the images, feelings and impulses for me from a contact in such a way that I can translate them to my counterpart in such a way that he understands.

I read very often, I don't have a spirit guide at all, where was he when I felt bad.

Please do not forget that we are all on the earth plane to grow.

We ourselves have given ourselves tasks that can hurt us, that can make us suffer, that are simply associated with brutal pain.

Because we grow from it.

In the spiritual world we do not have the opportunity to experience these feelings, because from the 3rd level onwards there is only love. And you can be sure that when our time comes, each of us will go to the 3 or even directly to the 4 level. I know that the soul plan is very complex and also very confusing, because we encounter experiences in life that could safely have sauntered past us. Which we absolutely do not need and very often do not know how to solve them or "survive".

But the soul also needs these situations in a world of duality.

A world of duality, on the earthly plane.

Our spirit guide does not have the task of being our bodyguard or guardian angel.
He knows our soul plan and knows that in the end everything will be fine, even if we cannot recognize or feel it at the time.

He means well to us.

Of course, our spiritual guides, by which I mean the main spiritual guide, other spiritual guides from our team, or our loved ones who have gone before, also give us signals, nudge and point us on the right path through impulses or signs, if we should get astray. But they don't keep us from everything.

They are not allowed to do that either. It would mess up our cycle.

Now we come to the spiritual guides from our team. We all, yes we all have a whole team around us.

If we e.g. Active in healing, as a doctor, homeopath, spiritual healing ... Then there is always consciously or unconsciously a spiritual healer from the spiritual world at our side and supports us. If we are musicians, painters, artists in general, then we are always accompanied by a spiritual guide who has acted as an artist during our lifetime.

If someone ZB. Composes or writes songs. Someone who likes to take photos, design fashion, has a spiritual guide by his side for his inspiration.

If someone works with numbers, is a physicist, or in the bank ...
Then there is a spiritual guide at his side who was able to work well with numbers during his lifetime.

And, and, and ... you see?

All of these guides are very knowledgeable about these different areas and that is why they are very supportive of us.

They too grow in this “work” and have made this their task.

They all form a team around us and are always there when we need their support. You know that even without us contacting you beforehand. If you want to consciously perceive their help, there is some nice meditation (on my homepage you can also find written by me) that can strengthen your connection and you get the opportunity to get to know them.

Of course, this cannot happen overnight.

Give yourself time for this and go on your spiritual spiritual journey with an open mind. Do not expect that your main spirit guide or some other spiritual guide will suddenly stand in front of you and say “Hi, yes here I am, are you all right?” No, please go into mediation without expectations and let what is allowed to happen at the time .

Notice the change in energy around you. The feeling is the be-all and end-all.
The spiritual world is very wise and knows exactly when the right time has come or will come for you.

It is important that you stay on the ball.

An experienced medium who can connect with spiritual guides can also be supportive by making contact with and connecting with your spiritual guide.

By delivering messages or a Spirit Guide portrait.

Everyone has to find out for themselves which way they want to go.

I hope that I was able to make you understand a little bit in which position a main spirit guide, a spiritual guide, a spirit helper is.

Finally, I would like to tell you that it is my truth, my experience and my feeling that I have received through my spiritual guides and my main spiritual guides. If it doesn't feel right to you, please stick to your perception.

This is my intellectual property and must therefore not be copied.

All the best

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