Why were different political parties founded?


European challenges need European solutions. National parties are reaching their limits and populist promises are jeopardizing our peace. That is why we founded Volt, a movement and party for all of Europe. We are the first pan-European party - across borders we make politics for a federal Europe. In 29 countries we encourage citizens to rethink and shape politics at local, national and European level.

We are pan-European, pragmatic and progressive. Against the background of shared values ​​and goals, we ask bold questions and make feasible suggestions for solving pan-European grievances.

Our vision

Our vision is a more democratic and transparent Europe that takes responsibility for us. That is why we want a united Europe with a real European democracy. We want a strong European Parliament that can propose laws and elect a European Prime Minister who has to answer to our representatives. We want a real European government that acts in the interests of all Europeans, to overcome problems together and seize opportunities. European politics needs European parties and we are hereby making a new European future selectable.Now it's your turn.


In 2016, the Brexit vote and growing right-wing populism in Europe caused two young Europeans and one young European to stop watching. The Italian Andrea Venzon, the French Colombe Cahen-Salvador and the German Damian Boeselager created a cross-border political approach for Europe with Volt in order to find new, pragmatic and progressive answers to the challenges of our time.

Just six months later, on March 29, 2017, when Great Britain applied to leave the EU, they officially founded Volt; a pan-European movement and party. Volt now has thousands of members in all EU member states. In Germany, Volt was registered as a party on March 3, 2018 and thus received all associated rights and obligations.

Volt wants to make politics on a local, national and European level. In 2019 Volt competed for the first time in various EU countries in the 2019 European elections and led the wayone European election manifesto a cross-border election campaign in which Damian Boeselager was elected as the first member of Volt in the European Parliament.

Meanwhile, Volt has participated in a number of local and regional elections in several European countries, in which more than 30 delegates have been elected to date.


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Sponsoring membership

Are you a Europe fan and are you behind our idea of ​​a federal Europe? Just like us, you are of the opinion that it is urgently time to rethink politics, but you cannot actively contribute to us for reasons of time? Or do you not want to tie yourself directly to Volt with party membership for other reasons? Then ours Sponsoring membershipthe best way to support us on a regular basis!

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