Punjabi is an official language in Pakistan

Interesting facts about the Punjabi language

Punjabi (also: Panjabi, pronounced Punjabi) is spoken by more than 100 million people as their mother tongue. Almost 70 million of these live in Pakistan and 25 million in India. There are also larger Punjabi-speaking minorities in Australia, Great Britain, Canada, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, the USA, and the United Arab Emirates. Punjabi is an official language only in India, in the state of Punjab. In Pakistan, however, English and Urdu are the official languages. The language has a variety of dialects, which are grouped into two main dialects, Eastern and Western Punjabi. Punjabi is written in Pakistan with the script Shahmukhi (which means "from the mouth of the kings"), which is a modified variant of the Persian Nashdiq script. Written records in the Shahmukhi script are rarely found, however, as Punjabi in Pakistan mainly functions as an oral colloquial language, while English or Urdu are used as written languages. In India, Punjabi is mainly written using the Gurmukhi script ("from the mouth of the gurus"). Indian Hindus, who want to differentiate themselves from the Sikhs who write in Gurmukhi, sometimes use the Devanagari script. Depending on regional usage, the language has integrated a large number of foreign-language loanwords over the course of time, the majority of which come from Urdu, Sanskrit or the Arabic and Persian languages. As a result of the worldwide migration of Punjabi speakers, a "Diaspora Punjabi" has developed into which English words have been incorporated. Punjabi is a so-called tonal language, in which the pitch can be decisive for the meaning of the word.
In our language course you will get to know Punjabi with the Gurmukhi script used in India. But no worry! We will make it easier for you to read and learn this foreign script by translating it into the Latin script, which you will find under every word.
Punjabi - an Indo-Iranian language
Punjabi belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-Iranian languages, which in turn form a subgroup of the Indo-Germanic languages. Other Indo-Aryan languages ​​are, for example, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali.
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