What are the disadvantages of a library

Study in the bib or at home? charly educations pros and cons list



• A place where all other students also learn. As a result, you are more focused and more likely to actually learn. Because in a productive atmosphere you also become more efficient.

• Study materials and the best books are available on site. So you can always look up something quickly and find literature immediately.

• Most of the time there are fellow students in the bib and they then become friends. You exchange learning materials and ask each other. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved, is the motto here.

• You have your peace! There is a ban on speaking in the bib and in most of them there is also a strict ban on eating. The evil looks that you get when you don't stick to it work and therefore it is really mostly quiet.

• You feel pretty hard-working and pretty student when you push away the call from your mother and then write: "I can't right now, I'm in the bib."


• "Oh, he's cute"; “Wasn't she here yesterday too?” The mass of people can be distracting. The hustle and bustle is particularly high at peak times and you tend to look around all the time.

• Break time: Learning with fellow students is fun and the exam phase is often the phase in which university acquaintances develop into friendships. Precisely because of this, you are tempted to take every coffee break and to hang around - it's too nice, too. But that's a trap, because in the end you took a break and had exciting conversations. Unfortunately, you don't pass the exam like this.

• The library is open at 9:00 am. Arrival at the library at 9:15 am and then what? No more places available, all sockets occupied and you wander through the floors, embarrassed, and talk to people whether the place next to them is still free. In the exam phase, the libraries can be really annoying.

• The various locker systems and the no pocket policy can lead to excessive demands. If you don't have a cool, see-through bib bag, you can quickly become an overloaded packhorse.



• Biggest Pro: The kitchen is in the immediate vicinity and so are the kettle, coffee, refrigerator and toilet. Plus: the apartment is clean;).

• You save yourself the way and thus time.

• Do you like to study alone? Some people get distracted in super quiet bibs too.

• You have all the documents with you and do not have to find out in the bibliography that you forgot your calculator at home.

• It's cheaper. Because in the bib one tends to buy snacks or similar all the time. That is really expensive in long exam phases.


• It's easy to lie to yourself because you're distracted at home. A quick phone call here, a snack break with the roommate there - in the evening you still proudly say to yourself: "Wow, I sat at my desk for 8 hours today."

• Due to the lack of separation of living and study rooms, one is constantly reminded of the exams and submissions. That can be very stressful, because theoretically you can always learn!

• There is a great risk that you will not leave the house anymore. Empty coffee cups and pizza boxes are piled on the desk and you don't remember the last shower ...

• You don't meet new people and you also miss out on a part of student life.