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The abbreviation ARMY stands for A.dorable R.epresentative M..C for Youth. The M.C. is an abbreviation of the English military language and stands for "Military Committee". If you were to translate the whole thing into German, it would mean, loosely translated, something like: ravishing representatives of the military association of young people.

In the foreground, however, is the symbolic meaning of the choice of name.
If you translate the Korean name of BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan, in the English language, it means something like: Bulletproof Boyscouts (German: bulletproof boy scouts).

In order to follow exactly this "bulletproof" concept, it was decided, like in the military, to put an army at the side of the fighter in the bulletproof vest. Because only the community is strong and can win every battle, no matter how difficult, and repel attacks. A fighter never abandons his army, and the army never leaves a fighter behind on the battlefield.

BTS and ARMY are inseparable - in every situation.

In fandom, a distinction is often made between K-ARMY (K-Diamonds) and I-ARMY (I-Lovelies).

On July 5, 2017, BigHit officially released a new BTS logo and thus also presented its own logo for ARMY. This was the first time a fandom had its own official logo.

This time, too, the band attached great importance to underlining the togetherness of the band and fans. Both logos can be combined with each other and together form a kind of protective shield that is visually reminiscent of the shields of old knights. Because even knights always went into battle together with their army. The army was the protective shield on which the knight could always blindly rely.

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