Who was Rufus in the Bible


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Category Person:

• Rufus (son of Simon)

• Rufus (from Rome)

Multiple mentions of names in the Bible can have various causes. In many cases it is just a purely coincidental name identity. Of course, this applies in particular to the names of people, but places or terms from different categories sometimes have the same names. However, the similarity of names is not always pure coincidence. On the one hand, many names depend on one another. A prominent example of this is Israel: Israel (son of Isaac) was the name Jacob had received from God. Israel is the progenitor of the Israelites. In the following, the term "Israel" will therefore also be used when referring to the people of the Israelites ("Israel (people)") or when describing their territory ("Israel (land)"). The Bible does not always clearly distinguish these different terms linguistically and the difference and the actual meaning often only emerge from the context.

In addition, there are often difficulties in assigning names unambiguously. One reason for this is often the derivation of terms mentioned above. As a result, the Bible apparently does not always strictly distinguish between biological fathers and famous ancestors or between peoples and their ancestors. This sometimes leads to difficulties in correctly assigning people, such as with Cain and the Kenites, and it can also happen that the author of this wiki may not have correctly recognized the relationship. It could be that one and the same person has been recognized as two people, in which case one has been wrongly recognized as a descendant of the biological father and at the same time a second as a descendant of the progenitor, although in truth it is one and the same person . Furthermore, in some cases it seems that the identity of persons within the Bible itself is not conclusively secured. There are cases (the descendants of Jacob, Simeon's sons, Ahimelech and Ahitub) in which a wrong assignment of names may have occurred within the Bible text.

All in all, multiple mentions of names must therefore always be scrutinized very carefully and examined for possible misunderstandings or special contexts.