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Usually the sun shines early

until late. The evening is in the west

expect showers. Maximum temperatures:

24–32 degrees. Page 13

News in real time

On the trail of the beavers in

Donauauen National Park

Study: a third

the Austrian

is unhappy

At the lower end in a European comparison

Highest life satisfaction in Denmark

Vienna - In Austria there are comparatively

few lucky ones

People: That shows a dem

default present study of the

Hamburg-based BAT Foundation

for questions about the future. Only 63

Percent of respondents said they had

to be happy in their life - a

below average value in

European comparison. The Danes

come to 96 percent that

Italians to 79 percent. Taillight

is Russia with 37 percent.


New secret box in Italy An occult one

Organization is said to be lucrative

Shops and in high

Politics get involved. page 4

More transparency government advertisements

must now be disclosed;

the lobbyist law is being assessed.

P. 10, comments p. 48

Pilz counts 68 Eurofighter breakdowns The

Greens security spokesman lists

dozens in his most recent dossier

Breakdowns of the interceptor. P.10

Stress tests for banks According to the

most recent tests by the OeNB are Austria's

Banks more resistant to

Risks than last year. Page 24

Wittgenstein Prize The Marine biologist

Gerhard Herndl and the molecular biologist

Jan-Michael Peters

are the 2011 award winners. Page 26

Libro judgment 3.5

Years imprisonment for

André Rettberg:

The Libro process

is not

final, too

End. Q .: APA p.17

Austria's rural residents

are therefore happier (67 percent)

than the Viennese, of whom

only every second with their own

Living conditions is satisfied.

Young people up to 24 and seniors

65 and over are much happier

than the employed mean

Generation. And money makes you loud

Survey just happy: with

household income increases

also life satisfaction.

(red) page 3, head of the day page 48

Tax reform:

Leitl praise for Fekter,

ÖGB skeptical

Vienna - President of the Chamber of Commerce

Christoph Leitl called

that of Finance Minister Maria

Fekter (ÖVP) im default-Interview

submitted plans for one

Standard tariff for taxes and

Social security contributions as

"Project of the century" with savings in bureaucracy

of “several

one hundred million euros ”. In

the union and social security

one shows oneself cautious.

The Executive Secretary

in the ÖGB, Bernhard Achitz, says,

workers should see

how much they pay for insurance

spend and what they do for it

to get. He sees them too

Risk of premium increases

harder in the case of money shortage

could be brought through.

(red) page 21, comment page 48

Virus-cleaned beauty

Whether beautiful people are happier

are, it remains to be seen

but referred to as schiach too

will not make anyone

happy. This is about to happen

30,000 specimens of the species

with the not always applicable

Name homo sapiens: you

had to go to the website

BeautifulPeople.com for inclusion

advertised and

were accepted -

but only because there the

Virus Shrek at work

was and the selection process

overridden. Well be

the 30,000 not so beautiful

virus cleaned and out

the exclusive dating club

thrust back into the ugly world.

Makes you wonder about the story

however, that the

Message from the operators

himself comes: stating a


Research special

Pages 25-32

ner grief for them

Shot where they supposedly

Tips for new applications

receive. Even the Guardian

thinks the whole thing is a publicity stunt:

He points out that

after a Festive Fatties campaign

2009 when 5000 in the

Christmas fresation days about theirs

Ideal dimensions outgrown

Beautiful people kicked out


within 24

48,000 new hours -

the Guardian writes "idiots"

- registered for the test.

To the default-Readers

and readers we make ourselves in

not a big one in this relationship

To care. We can just

don't imagine them in

become a member of an association

want where the Strache is likely

is recorded

and not Gérard Depardieu.

Zahi Hawass, Egypt

"Indiana Jones" page 35

Nives Widauer: embroidery with a quote from Peter Falk.

Searching for luck

What is luck? There was about it in the editorial office

intense debates. In other languages ​​there are

two meanings: This is how in English between

"Luck" and "happiness"

(Joy of life) differentiated. Is happiness synonymous

with satisfaction? The gross domestic product is good

as an indicator of well-being?

We report more about war and crises,

about negatives. With this special issue

we want to offer positive impulses - just to be

start of the vacation period if by far the

Look at your own actions and the question of happiness

is easier. They are only at first glance

Embroidery pictures by the artist Nives Widauer (portrait

Page 34) lovely. Your sayings have depth.

And you are lucky if you have a stimulating

Team can work together - on this project

led by Bettina Stimeder (editor)

and Rudi Reiterer (layout).

Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, editor-in-chief

EU puts pressure on Athens opposition leaders

Conservative should justify rejection of the austerity package - government wins vote

Brussels / Vienna - The rejection of the

Greek austerity package

Opposition leader Antonis Samaras

from the Nea Dimokratia (ND)

outraged his EU party colleagues.

Sweden's Finance Minister Anders

Borg referred to the behavior of the

ND as "criminal", others too

Conservatives criticized samaras.

The Greeks should keep their attitude when

EU summit this Thursday

right before his party friends

Let yourself

not to

make a snail.

Injustices on

Workplace happen every day.

We help you.


have to manufacture. In Athens the

the socialist government of

Premier Giorgos Papandreou das

Vote of confidence in the night

Won Wednesday. (red) page 19

Other side's comment 47


must be.

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Subject: Subject: happiness Subject of happiness

2 wednesday / thursday, 2 the default 22./23. June 2011 Wed./Th., 22./23. default June 2011 2

There are many theories and so many ways

fortunately as there are people. The first

Steps on this path are the same for everyone:

Feel and learn.

What is luck? And how

can you achieve it?

Always break

People think about it.

Almost anything about wise living

and dealing with

Feelings say was from

a wise person at some point

also said; but unfortunately

It never took long for another

claimed the exact opposite.

So did people

in western countries to theirs

Accustomed to damage to the myth,

on luck one would have

little influence; one could not

once tell exactly what luck actually is


Our perplexity has become one

good part of a language confusion

owed. Because just that

Germans are deplorable when it comes to happiness

inaccurate. Well has

our culture the peculiar

Invented the term "Weltschmerz",

which translates into other languages

hardly translates; for this

we have to be lucky

and "feel happiness" with one

Term get along. The

most European languages

after all, separate that cleanly

English, for example, knows "luck" and

"Happiness". Whom this difference

is aware of who wonders

care less about that people

very well at the same time from

Bad luck pursued and be happy

can. In fact, they wear

external conditions of our life

surprisingly little to ours

What is happiness and what is satisfaction - a classification

Nives Widauer: embroidery with a German proverb and final loops.

Stefan Klein

It makes you smart, and in the long run

Life satisfaction at. To this

That’s the end of the modern era

Social Psychology: All Factors

like income, marital status,

Housing situation and so on taken together

explain less

than fifteen percent of the

Mood deviations between

the constant complainer and

the eternally radiant Sunday child.

So they have us too

enormous increases in prosperity

and free time that have been with us since

Post-war years

were, none

Made a lot happier.

Since then

barren 1950s

explains itself consistently

just a little

more than the half

of the Germans with

satisfied with their life. In Austria

this proportion is even still

smaller. If politics is responsible for it

should be that citizens

feel good, then she has failed.

Satisfaction is different

However, life is satisfaction

closely related to happiness,

but not the same. Both

behave something like this to each other

like a movie review to the

Experiences while watching the

Films. Feeling happiness is like

sit in the cinema chair, because happiness

is in today's opinion

Neuropsychology an elementary

Feeling - an immediate reaction

to something that opposes us

drives or what we imagine.

Luck always plays in the present.

It doesn't care about beliefs, philosophical

Concepts, even the neighbors

he doesn't care.

Life satisfaction on the other hand

the rating is past

and expected happiness. There

comparisons play an important role

Role. You let your day die

Weeks and years of review

and wondering how it should be.

If the colleague from their own

Department recently one

Car in the company parking lot

which one already turns off

wished for a long time, but not

can make life satisfaction

a dive. A

great progress in knowledge of the

last two decades

that one is about happiness

and life satisfaction

not only

can philosophize

- both can

measure up. A number for

life satisfaction

arises when

man the people

asks her well-being

Giving school grades - and doing it

factored in how much or how

little viewed it in their culture

is when someone complains.

If you fail to do this

Correction, the Germans would

and Austrians even more grumpy,

the Americans against it

seem far happier than they do

actually are.

Happiness, on the other hand, can be attributed to changes

read in the brain.

With so-called imaging

Procedure is in recent times

become possible to people in

Real time literally in the mind

to see when they think, feel

or decide. It posed

turned out that in our

Mind your own circuits for

Joy, lust and euphoria set up

are - we have one

Luck system. It works by

special messenger substances in the brain

like the endorphins and dopamine

be released. As

we with the ability to speak

come into the world, we are

also programmed for the good feelings.

Happiness is vital.

New stitches in the braid

The mechanisms that such

Eliciting emotions are innate.

But how and how often we do

use them, we have in the

Hand. One can learn happiness.

One of the big surprises

of neuroscience the last

Years was how much the brain is

also of an adult

still changed. Whenever we

learn something, they change

Circuits in our brain

new meshes in the braid of the

Nerve cells are linked.

Not just thoughts, but first

quite emotions bring this

Rebuilds in progress. That means: With

the right exercises, for example

through training of attentiveness,

one can use his ability to be happy

increase. We can do ours

natural plant for the good

Train feelings as we train ourselves

learn a foreign language.

In the brain there are thoughts and

Feelings like two sides of the same

Medal. Because happiness and learning

we are in

this state more creative. luck

makes you smart, and not only

for a moment but on

Duration. Let positive emotions go

the nerve connections in the brain

to grow. "The brain runs on

fun, ”say the Americans.

Happy people solve

Problems better and faster.

They are more observant and more likely

willing to see the good in others.

They are more committed to that

Common good and create it

better in negotiations, everyone

Help those involved to get their rights.

So happiness is a goal in life

and at the same time a way to

better life. “Joy is that

Transition of the mind into a more perfect one

State, ”wrote Baruch

Spinoza. Neuroscience

agrees with him.

How and why the good feelings

arise is from evolution

given. But depending on

Culture, life story and individual

Everyone fills plants

this frame looks a little different.

The most important exercise on the

The way to happiness is therefore to yourself

get to know yourself. There are

seven billion people and

seven billion ways to


STEFAN KLEIN (46), physicist, philosopher and science author.

He studied physics and philosophy

in Munich, Grenoble and Freiburg. His book

"Die Glücksformel" appeared in 2002 and became

Bestseller. Further works: "Everything Coincidence", "Time",

“Da Vinci's Legacy or Like Leonardo the World

reinvented "and"The Sense of Giving ”. Stefan

Klein lives in Berlin, is with the science journalist

Alexandra Rigos is married and has three

Children. Photo: Sven Paustian

Theme: happiness theme

Where people are happiest

Wed / Thu., 22./23. June 2011 the default 3

When looking for happiness you are

Austrians typically German

Fears of relegation, lack of security,

self-imposed pressure to perform: the Austrians are

more unhappy than many other European nations.

Money makes you happy, but not education.

Gerald John

Let's not fool ourselves:

The Austrians are the same

like the Germans

Pessimists ": Ulrich Reinhardt

scratches a lovingly cared for

Self-image. As more cheerful

Output of the latently cramped

Neighbors face the Austrians

gladly - with dubious

Truthfulness. From his

latest study can the hamburger

Futurologist Reinhardt

at least nothing of the kind

read out: Accordingly, goes

one (also) between ground and

Lake Neusiedl with a heavy heart

through life.

Around 15,400 people in 13

Countries has the non-profit

Foundation for Future Issues, a

American British initiative

Tobacco, in 2010 about her

asked about personal happiness. On top

rank the Danes, followed

from the Greeks, their positive

Attitude to life in the face of the crisis turbulence

however meanwhile

could have vanished. The

Austrians, on the other hand, land

similar to the Germans, im

Field of the disgruntled (see graphic):

Only 63 percent are with that

own life happy.

Where does the dissatisfaction come from?

The head of the foundation sees a root

Reinhardt in the mentality

anchored. Even the original word "gelucke",

that in the 12th century

emerged, contain the term

"Success". While happiness elsewhere

rather than more general and

understood longer lasting condition

you can see with us

in it more a short-term exhilaration,

which then occurs

when something is achieved: a passed

Exam, a passed

Project or just a won one

Soccer match - “typical

Just German, ”says Reinhardt.

That the real opportunities

with the urge to create and perform

not always keep up,

create a breeding ground for frustration.

Worries instead of dreams of advancement

Another reason he mentions

Scientists fear of relegation.

Germans and Austrians would have

a particularly high standard of living

achieved - and therefore

the feeling of being able to lose a lot,

when the neighbors catch up.

This is also a possible one

Explanation for the fact that

often supposed in happiness charts

Poor house states in front

lie. There are strong dreams of ascent

says Reinhardt:

“I don't mean to say that only to us

the nightmares remain, but the

Central Europeans look rather worried

into the future. "

When comparing Europe writes

Reinhardt is decisive for the family factor

Meaning of: Im

Leading country Denmark let

the family dream thanks to the appropriate framework conditions

live much better than in that

German-speaking countries.

The Place more solid social

Structures are also reflected within

Austria's against: In places

live under 5000 inhabitants

according to the survey with a share of

two thirds significantly more happy

People than in Vienna where

every second question of luck

affirmed. Reinhardt does it

about larger families, smaller ones

Anonymity and more intense

Relationships with neighbors and

Friends back. But not a study

without counter statistics:

In the country there

it is more suicidal

than in the city.

Other message:

Money does

happy! The higher

the net household income,

the more

more widespread the feeling of happiness.

In the class under 900 euros

monthly are 45

Percent than happy in that

While others are discussing quotas,

can be found among the Viennese

Public utilities have long since attracted many women

managerial positions - and the trend is rising.

As one of the few local ones

Top companies will be the

Wiener Stadtwerke not only from

a woman, general manager

Gabriele Payr, led but wise

also on the four-member board

with director Gabriele

Domschitz a balanced relationship

on. Of 52 supervisory boards in

21 women in the entire group.

With this quota of women of more than

The Wiener Stadtwerke live 40 percent

the establishment today

of women in management.

“Our goal is to do even more in the future

Women in leadership positions too

anchor. We would be glad,

if more companies this

Follow the example, ”explains Director General

Gabriele Payr.

Declared goal: more women

in the company

In the past few years

the proportion of women in the group

targeted measures are increased,

but he is still under

the intended goals: With the

New admissions were about im

over 3600 euros 75 percent. Indeed

the emotional state is complicated.

With increasing education that

in itself opens up good earning opportunities,

make some

then again too much worry about

God and the world, about your own

To enjoy happiness, says Reinhardt:

Academics are more unhappy

than people with compulsory schooling.

Also between

the age groups

there is an imbalance: above average


are young people

up to 24 and seniors

from 65. The middle one

Generation, however

should have a career

realize themselves,

Caring for old and young and that

Maintain the social system, says Reinhardt:

"Those are the pinched."

Women at the top

With a high proportion of women in managerial positions

Wiener Stadtwerke are considered to be a model company

in Austria. They want all talent now and in the future

benefit our society.

Previous year 21 percent. The Share of

Women in the craft sector,

in which around two thirds of the total

Workforce is included

nine percent and the commercial one

Area at 30.4 percent.

If the qualifications are the same, the

Wiener Stadtwerke accordingly

the statutory quota system

and according to the women's advancement plan

applicants from the City of Vienna

the privilege. “With the advancement of women

it is all about everyone

Talents in our society too

use. The Wiener Stadtwerke are

role model for other companies ",

said Vienna's Vice Mayor

Renate Brauner.

focus on

women interested in technology

Since the work areas of the

Group of companies into a large

Part from the "classic male professions"

put together, lies

the focus on new admissions

for those interested in technology

Women who you are targeted with

Measures and attractive offers

for entering and staying in

Company provides support.

At the new group location "Town-

Town ”, for example, was in cooperation

Personal happiness

Question: Do you agree with the statement “I am personally happy with my life”?


Total population




Young adults




Couples without children


Couples with children


Young seniors


senior citizens



Average Europe












Great Britain
















numbers in percent

10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

Source: BAT Foundation for Future Issues, representative study of 1,000 people in Austria, 15,400 in Europe

with the City of Vienna and the trade union

the community servants / art,

Media, sports and the outdoors

Professions set up a kindergarten,

from the Viennese children's

no t e a n c e

Behind every job at Wiener Stadtwerke there are three secure jobs

at external suppliers. Photo: Wiener Stadtwerke

With more targeted

Motivation and

Promotion is supposed to

Quota for women


enlarged and

The compatibility

by profession and

Family supports


F .: Wiener Stadtwerke

friends. "So that

the compatibility of family and

Profession supports and women

everyday work is made easier ”, so

Payr. An equal treatment officer

in the company

personal advice and help on

Workplace. Flexible working time models

and an educational offer,

especially the situation of women

taken into account, round that off

holistic personnel development concept

from. Wiener Stadtwerke

also participate regularly

on “Wiener Töchtertag”, in

whose frame girls especially

for craft fields of activity

should be interested. The success

can be measured. Always more

Girls apply to the

Wiener Stadtwerke for an apprenticeship.

Not just in commercial terms

Area but also in

technical and craft

Appointments are increasing year after year

Girls included. Thetime

there are around 400 apprentices

in training of the Viennese

Public utilities. Of these, 23 percent are

Female. Ascending trend.


4 of the default *

Wed / Thu., 22./23. June 2011

Berlusconi survives the vote

and wants to continue to govern until 2013

New scandal over secret box P4 shakes Italy

Gerhard Mumelter from Rome

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

did on Tuesday in the Chamber of Deputies

a vote of confidence

survived. The result of

He owed 317 to 293 votes

once more the two dozen

Defectors who are in the new

Group of the "responsible persons"

have joined forces.

In a government statement in

Senate expressed Berlusconi the "fixed

Conviction ”, his cabinet

will be until the end of the legislature

Continue to govern in 2013. Withdrawal requests

according to the most recent

The prime minister rejected elections

back as "pure propaganda":

“A crisis would be madness. Just

the ruling legal alliance

can be Italy's international

Ensure credibility ”.

Berlusconi announced “before the

Summer break “a tax reform

to - “without the national debt

to increase. ”In the future it will

only five taxes and three

Give tax brackets. The depreciation options would

reduced and unnecessary privileges

reduced. To that from the employers' association


Savings package of 40 billion euros

did not enter Berlusconi. "It will

no one succeed in the coalition

between PDL and the Lega

To split north, ”he assured me. He

do not want to rule for life,

however, be ambitious

Lamberto Zannier

as Secretary General

the OSCE fix

Lithuania: No objection

Ban Ki-moon re-elected

Vilnius / Vienna - The Italian Lamberto

Zannier (57) is the future

Secretary General of the OSCE

firmly. From the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

reported on Tuesday,

the chair of the organization

for security and collaboration

in Europe have until the deadline

received no objections.

Hence the introduction

the formal procedure for appointment

started by Zannier. The

Italians should be in his new on July 1st

Office introduced


The Tuesday

was valid for formal reasons

as a reference date

for objections

or mention

by Al-

Exit Zannier

July 1st in

new office.

Photo: EPA / Xhemaj

alternative candidate.Austrian candidate


Plassnik was

at the beginning of June

failed because of Turkey's veto.

The Professional diplomat Zannier

was at the Italian embassies

in the United Arab