Are you attracted to aggressive women?

When women strike


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Information on the Berlin men's advice service:

Abridged version of the study "Violence against men - personal experiences of violence among men in Germany" by the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth:,did=20526.html

The study carried out by Jens Luedtke and Siegfried Lamnek on violence in Bavarian families "Beatings in every third family" can be found in "Agora" 2002:


Men and women have already had their partner ...

(Numbers in percent)

men women

pelted with something 7 13

10 12

encountered 21 22

23 19

beaten 9 18

12 18

kicked and bitten 7 13

10 13

hit with an object 5 9

7 9

beaten up 2 2

4 2

choked 4 2

5 3

Threatened with knife or gun 1 1

2 2

Attacked with knife or gun 1 1

2 2


From a legal point of view, it was impossible to rape a German man until nine years ago: the Criminal Code only allowed women to be victims - this was not changed until 1997.

The American master of sex research William H. Masters knew much earlier than the German jurisprudence that men can also be abused. As early as 1982 he demonstrated that they can be brought to erection and ejaculation against their will - not only through sexual stimuli, but also due to anger and strong fear.

How many men were coerced by women into sexual intercourse is shown - indirectly - by a study by the Potsdam psychology professor Barbara Krahé. She anonymously interviewed 248 young women between the ages of 15 and 24 in Berlin and Brandenburg schools, youth clubs and shopping centers about their sexual experiences. 9.3 percent of those questioned admitted to having erotic experiences with a man against his will. Almost three percent said they had forced a man to have sex before. They used threats or physical violence or exploited the man's helplessness caused by alcohol - this is also considered rape under German law. The victims were rarely strangers, but often friends and acquaintances, but above all the current or a previous partner.

September 19, 2006