Which lipstick goes with all clothes

Perfect finish With these 5 styling tips you can improve your Oufit immediately

How often do we stand in front of our wardrobe and just don't know what to wear? Unfortunately, too often and hardly we have the clothes, we wish to be able to spice up our clothes a little. In addition to exciting accessories and jewelry, the right make-up can also help you. Because sometimes a lipstick in your favorite color is enough to get your look rolling. We'll reveal five styling tips for lipsticks that will spice up your clothes in no time.

Styling tip no. 1: Set an eye-catcher

You love the monochrome look in the non-colors, but sometimes it is a bit too monotonous for you? How about a splash of color on your lips? D.hen your simple black or gray outfit goes well with lipstick in a bright color, such as cherry red or coral orange. The great thing? It suits every skin type! The red lips not only enhance your entire look, they give your appearance a fresh kick.

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Styling tip no. 2: conjure up contrasts

If you tend to go for a colorful outfit, you can create a skilful contrast in light colors with dark lipstick. But beware: With a dark lipstick, make sure that it really goes with your skin tone. Dark colors are also more suitable for darker skin types. If you are of the lighter skin type, then you should choose a shade of delicate mauve or brown-orange.

With these lipstick trends for 2018 you will definitely be properly styled.

Styling tip no. 3: Create a frame

Color contrasts are a little too harsh for you? Then just play it safe and pick up a color of your outfit with your lipstick. For example, if you wear a delicate rose-colored blouse, then look for a matching lipstick to pick up on this shade again.

You can do the same with a patterned garment. Just pick the color of the pattern that best flatters your skin tone and look for a lipstick in that color. With it you can not only spice up your clothes, but also set a beautiful color frame for your entire outfit.

Styling tip no. 4: Show off with glamor

Do you want to give your everyday outfit the dose of glamor it deserves? Or does your outfit have to be used both during the day and for going out in the evening? How about a touch of shimmer on your lips? Lip gloss gives your outfit the elegant touch it deserves.

And for the next party you can also dab glitter on your lips. What sounds like a crazy idea at first, but can have a great effect and spice up your clothes immediately. All you need is lip gloss and glitter. Apply the lip gloss to your lips as you normally would and then place the glitter particles over the lipstick with your finger. Important: Do not press your lips together afterwards.

Styling tip no. 5: Subtle rounding off the look

So that you don't feel too naked in everyday life or on your date, a lipstick in nude tones is just right for you. It not only gives your styling freshness, but also spices up your clothes with elegance. If you plan to go to a party in the evening, then you can emphasize your eyes even more with this styling tip.