You can engrave on plastic

Permanent marking of plastics using laser engraving

Technical information on plastic engraving

While the CO2 laser usually creates a laser engraving without contrast on plastic, the YAG laser achieves contrasts by changing color or foaming. The associated material removal is minimal here. This means that the mechanical properties - especially the strength of the material - are largely retained.

Which effects can be achieved by laser marking on plastics?

  • At the engraving the top layer of the plastic is removed by a laser beam, the laser vaporizes the material and the Lettering can be felt.
  • With the thermal change method, the laser beam melts the plastic and small gas bubbles are created that are trapped in the cooling material. This process is also called "Frothing". This allows light laser markings on dark plastics produce.
  • Do you want one dark laser marking on light-colored plastics achieve the effect of the Color change elected. The laser burns individual components of the plastic - this is how the motif takes on the color of the core material. The change in color depends on the pigment composition of the plastic and the color of the base material.

What does laser cutting mean?

We use this laser application most often when cutting acrylic sheets for special shapes of trophies or table stands or for cutting plastic signs. Even more complex shapes can be made up to a thickness of 6mm.

The following plastics can be cut using lasers: acrylic, polycarbonate, polypropylene and polyethylene.

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