What are some must see drama shows

10 German series and TV shows to help you learn German

Although professional language courses are the most effective way to improve your understanding of the German language, it is important to support your learning process. You can do this, for example, by reading books and listening to German radio stations. But an even better option is to watch television.

Over the years, some popular German TV programs have also been broadcast internationally or are available on the Internet. This allows language students to look at these and improve their vocabulary, intonation and cultural understanding.

So here are 10 German TV shows that will help you learn German.

1. Germany 83

‘Deutschland 83’ is a critically acclaimed drama that takes place during the Cold War. Here you get a good insight into politics and culture in Germany in the 1980s, as well as into the separation between East and West. ‘Deutschland 83’ is a captivating espionage thriller, with Jonas Nay as the East German border guard who secretly goes to West Germany.

The series was filmed entirely in German, but is extremely accessible as it is distributed internationally with English subtitles. In the United States, it was the first German-language television series to be broadcast on a US broadcaster, even before it was broadcast in Germany. The drama was also broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom.

2. Good times, bad times

"Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten" is a German soap opera that was first broadcast in 1992 and is set in a fictional neighborhood in Berlin. The show is loosely based on the Australian soap opera ‘The Restless Years’ and has always been extremely popular in Germany: it has several million viewers every week.

The series is well suited to learning German in that it addresses a wide variety of topics such as drug addiction, mental illness and eating disorders. This gives you easy everyday vocabulary without much learning. The cast is mostly youthful and the target audience is teenagers, so it's an ideal choice for younger German learners. So far there have been over 6000 episodes in the series.

3rd crime scene

The crime series ‘Tatort’ is officially the longest running television series of this genre in Germany and has been broadcast since 1970. It is noteworthy that it is produced by various regional television stations and that each episode is 90 minutes long, i.e. similar in length to a film.

When it comes to learning German, ort Tatort ’is an excellent choice as it takes place in different locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, including Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Lucerne. This will allow viewers to hear different regional dialects and absorb the cultural aspects of each location.

4. Turkish for beginners

As a multi-award-winning comedy drama series, ‘Turkish for Beginners’ is another very easily accessible German series for German learners, because it was broadcast internationally in over 70 different countries. The plot revolves around a German-Turkish blended family and contains both funny scenes and interesting cultural references.

Three seasons with a total of 52 episodes were produced. It deals with the relationship between two families united by marriage. In the entertainment sector, the series won the 2007 Civis Media Prize for promoting integration and peaceful coexistence between people from different cultural backgrounds.

5. Daily news

For those who are looking for an informative TV show rather than a series, the ‘Tagesschau’ could be an ideal choice. The name of the program can be translated into “Day’s Show” in English and is the oldest and most popular news program on German television. It runs on the public broadcaster ARD.

Due to the format of the program and the fact that no English subtitles are available, the ‘Tagesschau’ is probably best suited for learners who already have a fairly good understanding of the language. Nonetheless, the show will help you polish up your German vocabulary and keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the country.

6. Stromberg

Anyone looking for an amusing and entertaining way to support learning the German language will see ‘Stromberg’ as the perfect choice. The highly acclaimed comedy series was inspired by the British series ‘The Office’. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are even featured in the credits.

Much like the show from which it was inspired, ‘Stromberg’ also takes place in a fictional office and offers a humorous insight into everyday office life. There are a total of five seasons of the show and one feature film. You can now all five seasons absolutely legally watch here on the internet.

7. The Lions' Den

‘Die Höhle der Löwen’, in English “The Lions’ Den ”, ran for the first time in 2014 and is the German equivalent of the British reality format‘ Dragons ’Den’. In this show, the participants present their business ideas to a panel of experts in the hope of encouraging them to invest and provide technical support for their idea.

The show is a great example of a show that can help you develop your business German, which in turn can help you improve your career prospects. The experts are called ‘lions’ instead of ‘dragons’ in the German version, and they include the tour operator Vural Öger and Jochen Schweizer, pioneers in business with extreme sports.

8. Forbidden love

"Verbotene Liebe", translated into English as "Forbidden Love", was another popular German soap opera. It was originally based on the Australian series ‘Sons and Daughters’, but over time it has cut itself off from it and taken a different direction. The series played mainly in Düsseldorf and focused on a few select families. It was broadcast until 2015.

The show is known for its progressive portrayal of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual characters as well as a variety of controversial topics, such as murder and substance abuse. In 2005 she won the prestigious Rose d'Or Prize. A total of 20 seasons with 4664 episodes were produced.

9. Pax Aeterna

Produced as a mini TV and web series, ‘Pax Aeterna’ is perfect for lovers of fantasy series and intermediate level learners, because the language used there is not overly complicated. The program also uses English from time to time, and viewers have the option of viewing it with English subtitles.

The series tells the story of a divided vampire society, there is an unstable peace between the different groups. A total of ten episodes were produced, which were broadcast between 2011 and 2012. On the series' official website all episodes can be viewed.

10. The program with the mouse

‘Die Sendung mit der Maus’ is perhaps the most educationally valuable German series for learning German. It is also a popular educational television program among Germans, aimed at children between the ages of four and eight. Nevertheless, this is an ideal program for people who are not yet fluent enough in German to follow a complex story with a rather advanced vocabulary.

The show enjoys such a high reputation in Germany that it has been called “the school of the nation”. One of the reasons they are so good to accompany yours Lingoda lessons is suitable is the wide range of different subject areas, from German history to the fundamentals of science to everyday issues.