Why is Chandrayaan 2 unsuccessful

Space travel: India loses contact with its moon lander "Vikram"

According to its own information, the Indian space agency lost communication with its lander "Vikram" shortly before its first planned moon landing. The contact was lost when "Vikram" flew a good two kilometers above the surface of the earth's satellite, said the head of the Indian space agency Isro, Kailasavadivoo Sivan.

The probe was located a little later on the moon, said a spokesman for the Indian space agency Isro on Sunday. The condition is unclear because there is no contact.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi consoled the scientists: "India is proud of you. You did your best." The scientists did not initially say whether "Vikram" shattered on the lunar surface.

India had tried to become the fourth country to succeed in a controlled landing on the earth's satellite - after the USA, the Soviet Union and China. In the spring, an Israeli probe crashed while attempting to land on the moon after a technical error.

Indian "Chandrayaan-2" mission partially successful

Still, some of the $ 142 million unmanned Indian "Chandrayaan-2" mission, according to the scientists, was successful. The orbiter is now flying around the moon and providing images. "Chandrayaan" means "moon vehicle" in Sanskrit. The aim was also to map the surface of the South Pole region, analyze the soil and search for water.

For India it is the second mission to the moon. The first lunar probe, "Chandrayaan-1", was launched in 2008 and orbited the moon without landing on it. (dpa)