Should people divorce less

Divorce Statistics - How Many People Get Divorced Each Year?

Well, but strangely no one wants to notice the big kink that appeared almost immediately after the introduction of HARTZ4:
Namely that the divorce rate within the introductory period of Hartz4 (H4 = which, especially for single and divorced women with small children as well as retirees, often leads directly to social catastrophe) decreased by 3.1% within a single year (2005) and has since been one year has continued to fall sharply by year, although the divorce rates rose steadily, even significantly, until 2005 and the introduction of Hartz4.

This was followed by a steady deterioration in the circumstances for Hartz4 benefit recipients. Because who wants to lose absolutely everything that has been built up in let's say 10, 15 or 20/30 years before being together. All you need to do is slide into Hartz4 and all your savings are gone. Even the common house, which then hardly represents a significant value in the event of a sale - especially in an emergency sale. Especially if it is in need of a little renovation.

I could of course continue the list with ease, only if I can imagine it, any other halfway intelligent person can imagine the examples with which one could continue this.

If you are conservative and this result fits into your personal view of the world, of course everything is fine, you can take it as proof that feminism has finally been put to an end.

Because even in 2019, with 149,000 divorces, fewer marriages were divorced than in their reference period up to 2016.

And of course for many there is still no visible connection between divorces and steady deterioration in all social benefits, especially for single women with children and including those of pensioners, who are also increasingly worse off.

Think about it.

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