Why is YIFY not prohibited

Find a torrent thanks to YTS: pay attention to this!

The download by YTS

Movies Obtain free of charge from the Internet: Hardly anyone resists With today's cinema prices the temptation to search the World Wide Web for the matching filmto go.

Torrent sites like YTS help users get the correct downloads to find. A file sharing program is usually required for this, which corresponding data to get.

But how about that legal aspect these pages: Is the use of YTS legal? And how does it work subsequent download? You can find them all in this article information and details on YTS.

YTS in detail: what distinguishes the site?

Different than many other torrent sites, YTS doesn't just list .torrent files which File sharing programs provide the information necessary for a download, but rather presents films even available.

While other websites navigate through the Provision of torrents in a legal Gray area moving are the activities of YTS illegal.

Films that dem copyrightsubject to sharing for free on the internet represents one serious copyright infringement represent.

YTS or YIFY - which is the correct name?

The website was originally known under the name "YIFY". In 2014, the founder of the "YIFY-Torrents movie piracy group" withdrew and the corresponding page was in YTS renamed.

To importance both names exist different interpretations - the Website owner however, never commented on it.

Warning about YTS?

Since YTS is not just torrents (.torrent files) but complete films offers for download, it is to be classified as illegal.

Run over YTS downloads, commit Violations against copyright law and must therefore with a expensive warning due to file sharing. The pure one visit the side is not, however forbidden.

Warning lawyerscan by means of IP tracing mostly easy to find out which one Internet connection a violation has been committed.

In Germany, liability for interference applies: The person who does the connection provides is for the violations liable. This regulation also applies if someone else made an illegal download.

Hollywood and YTS

2016 raised Hollywood in New Zealand lawsuit against the Founder of YTS. However, the parties reached an agreement before the negotiation out of courtso the case is not a big one media attention came to.

Still are different domains from YTS still available on the web.

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Find a torrent thanks to YTS: pay attention to this!
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