Cats eat mice whole

economy : Cats would buy mice

It has to be a festive dinner for which the elegant lady is preparing. She wears the little black dress and the gold chain. But the lover has not two but four legs and eats “Sheba” cat food instead of Filet Wellington.

If you believe the advertising, the best is just good enough for the spoiled cat. But the best doesn't have to be the most expensive, the Stiftung Warentest found out. The testers examined 28 wet and eleven dry types of food. Their result: cheap feed often performs better than expensive branded goods. “Opticat” from Lidl, “Julia” from Plus, the products from Schlecker, Aldi and the drugstore chain dm - they all deliver “very good” quality at a low price. The fact that many of them still only got an overall rating of “satisfactory” is due to the fact that, in the opinion of the testers, the feeding recommendation on the packaging was too generous. A reproach that also affects many of the more expensive brand providers.

"Around 60 percent of all cats are overweight," warns Christiane Nientimp from Stiftung Warentest. As the cat gets older, there is a risk of diabetes, cardiovascular problems and joint problems. Especially after neutering, many animals tend to eat bacon. This is where the cat owners have to practice discipline: Even if the four-legged companion moans so heartbreakingly, less is often more.

How much food a cat needs depends on how much it moves. Outdoor cats who hunt all night long can eat more than their conspecifics who do not leave the house or apartment. A healthy cat with four kilograms of body weight and slightly overweight needs around 230 kilocalories a day, says Stiftung Warentest. Young kittens are completely different: they should be served special junior food that is more energetic until they are one year old, recommends Harald Brieger, a specialist in small animals in Berlin-Zehlendorf. The best food for the cat is a mouse. All experts agree on that. When the hunter eats his prey with skin and hair, he ingests all important substances. If a cat wanted to feed itself on mice, it would have to devour up to 20 per day.

Anyone who has followed the agonizing agony of a mouse will appreciate the convenience food from the trade. With a few exceptions ("Schleckli Schlemmermaus", "Almo Nature"), all dry and wet food types are suitable as sole food for cats. Because the animals need high quality proteins, but also fat. The fatty acid arachidonic acid, the amino acid arginine, vitamin A and the protein component taurine are essential in cat food. If the taurine is missing, the cat can go blind. By the way: because of the lack of taurine, dog food should not be given to cats on a long-term basis.

The cat community is divided into supporters of wet and dry food. In contrast to wet food, dry food does not spoil. In addition, nibbling the hard particles is used for dental care. However, the cats that eat dry food need to drink a lot. If they do not, there is a risk of bladder damage and urinary stones. And be careful: "When it comes to dry food, it's easy to misjudge the quantity," warns veterinarian Brieger. Since the feed does not contain any water, a tenth of the amount needed for wet feed is sufficient.

Cats would buy mice. But you will look in vain for this variety on the feed shelf. The reason: "No animals may be killed extra for the production of cat food," says Detlev Nolte, spokesman for the Pet Supplies Association. Instead, slaughterhouse waste is processed. But they can also be served appetizingly - with a bunch of parsley like in the Sheba advertisement.

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