Should I just let her go

Once he does these 7 things, you should let him go

Love is unpredictable and you are more or less defenseless at the mercy of it. In the beginning everything seems to be perfect and you feel as if you will spend your whole life together. You swear that you will always love each other.

But unfortunately the reality is usually very different.

Because sometimes everything can change suddenly and no matter what you do about it, at some point you have to realize that it just doesn't work anymore. You always have to work on your relationship and invest in it again and again. Sometimes this also requires one or the other sacrifice.

The obstacles that are put in your way in your relationship must be overcome together, otherwise it will look bad for you. Fight for what is important to you and don't just give up. Only true fighters can achieve something in their relationships and also save them in an emergency.

However, there are also situations in which one should no longer hold on to a relationship and simply have to give up.

Because you can't force love or rekindle passion all by yourself. If those things are missing, then you definitely shouldn't be trying to fix the relationship. You have to know for yourself when the time has come to just let your partner go.

Because it doesn't matter how hard you try to convince your partner. You will end up not being happy and ruining yourself. So you should recognize the signs as early as possible so that you don't have to suffer as long.

Of course, in the beginning it will be difficult to let your partner go. But believe me, at some point you will realize that you did the right thing.

If these things apply to you, you should stop holding on to the relationship:

  1. You do not share interests with each other

If your interests are too far apart, you should seriously ask yourself whether this makes any sense at all. If you are just not on the same wavelength and have completely different opinions or tastes, there will always be points of contention that you cannot resolve.

Because you can't force interests or just change them. So your relationship can really only fail. You should therefore end the relationship early.

  1. Your arguments always revolve around the same topics

Do you feel like you're going around in circles? You fight and then you make up again. For a brief moment everything seems to be perfect between you again. But after a foreseeable time there will be arguments again. How long should this go on?

You shouldn't wait long, especially when it comes to the same topics over and over again. Because this is a sign that you are moving on the spot and are no longer making any progress. If you can't grow together and manage things like adult humans, you shouldn't waste your time any further.

  1. He depends on you

Men in need do not always behave the same way. Because neediness can come in different forms. For example, if he makes you the center of his life, it can indicate that he is very dependent on you. Often this can be mistaken for love.

But in reality, this is simply an indication that he cannot live without you. Emotional addiction is not love. You will notice that from time to time you have less and less freedom. In addition, the pressure to be responsible for one's happiness will only increase. Do you really want that?

  1. You can no longer trust him

Do you feel like he's not as in love as you are? Maybe he's hurt you before, and maybe he's apologized for it too. But he still continues with the behavior that hurts you, should you pull the rip cord soon.

You just can't trust him anymore. Trust is fundamental to any relationship. When there is no longer any basis of trust, a relationship no longer makes sense. Because you will never be able to rely on this person.

  1. You care more about him than he care about you

If there is an imbalance between giving and taking in your relationship, this should not be cause for alarm. It is completely normal that this relationship cannot always be balanced.

But if you have the feeling that you have been investing a lot more in the relationship than he has for a very long period of time, you should ask yourself whether he would like to continue the relationship at all.

Ultimately, a relationship can only work if both pull together and everyone does something for it!

  1. He is superior to you

There are people who feel intimidated by their partner. If you sometimes think that your partner is superior to you, then you should question your relationship.

You shouldn't feel like you're not good enough for him. Because you won't be happy with that in the long run. It can even happen that you lose yourself in the process because you try to please him. Don't let it get that far!

  1. You are just not happy anymore

Are you unhappy in your relationship? Is your relationship more characterized by hatred and arguments? Are you sometimes even depressed because of your partner? These are all signs that this relationship is unhealthy and that you should move away from your partner as soon as possible. If someone really loves you, they wouldn't want you to be unhappy. He would recognize this and fight for your love.