Why not more people like Bill Shorten

AustraliaTough policy against asylum seekers

The decision of the Supreme Court was unanimous. Papua New Guinea will no longer be the reception center for Australia's deported boat refugees. The 750 internees in the Manus Island camp would have to go somewhere else. The only question is where to go? Because Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made it clear: Not one of the refugees will ever come to Australia.

"A strong Australia is a safe Australia. We stopped the people smugglers and thus prevented refugees from drowning while crossing the high seas. That is why we must continue to protect our borders. And I will do that as long as I am Prime Minister of Australia."

We will know at the beginning of July whether Turnbull will be allowed to continue calling itself Premier, when the election is likely to take place in Australia. Labor chief Bill Shorten, the man who wants Turnbull's job, has learned from his party's defeat in the last election. At that time, the three-word slogan "Stop the boats" was enough for the conservatives to come to power. That is why there will be no open borders for boat refugees in Australia at Labor under Bill Shorten.

"Should we come to power, then we want to campaign for the resettlement of refugees in our region. We do not want to intern them indefinitely, but we also want to prevent countless boats from coming again. We must not surrender to the human smugglers. "

Boat refugees are not allowed into the country

In plain language this means: Anyone who wants to enter the country by boat through the back door continues to be "no entry" in Australia, even if Papua New Guinea will no longer accept refugees from now on. Sarah Hanson Young from the Greens calls for the 750 from Manus Island to be brought to Australia immediately and not to deport another asylum seeker abroad in the future.

"Prime Minister Turnbull has to decide: does he want to be a fearsome political coward like his predecessor or his immigration minister or a statesman with decency?"

The refugees from Manus Island are free to stay in Papua New Guinea, return to their homeland or to Cambodia, a country with which Australia has a resettlement agreement. The same applies to refugees on the South Sea island of Nauru, where hunger strikes, self-mutilation, attempted suicide and self-immolation among asylum seekers who are housed there are increasing.

The majority of Australians are in favor of crackdowns

Despite protests occurring again and again, the majority of Australians support crackdown on boat refugees. Especially immigrants. Why should people who pay for criminal smugglers simply buy their chance for a better life when it took them or their families years to get to Australia legally? "Boat refugees," they say, "undermine an orderly immigration program."

Asylum seekers are supported by lawyers who appeal against deportations or protest against the conditions of the camp. "That is their right," admits Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, but - quote - "so-called activists" tried again and again to persuade the refugees to do desperate acts in the camps in order to come to Australia.

"These self-harms have increased and become more extreme - with terrible consequences. These asylum activists are using the lives and health of the refugees to open our borders. But that is not the policy of this government and none of these blackmail attempts in the refugee camps will get us dissuade you from this course. "

Around 250,000 people find a new home in Australia each year, including 13,000 refugees from camps around the world. Australia does not want to take in more. "We cannot bring everyone to us," says both major parties, "not without risking social peace in the country".

Whether left-wing or conservative: The government wants to continue to determine for itself who comes to Australia and how and not leave this decision to people smugglers who auction the places on barely seaworthy boats to the highest bidder. Anything else, believes Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, would be betrayal of one's own people. And there is no alternative to that.