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Freezing temperatures, snow showers and no trace of the sun. What could be better in this cold season than looking at shirtless surferboys? Fortunately, there will soon be the opportunity to do so, because on January 17, 2013, Mavericks - Live Your Dream will start an exciting surfing adventure in German cinemas. The coming-of-age film tells the true story of surf icon Jay Moriarity, who at the age of 16 conquered the infamous giant waves at the Mavericks surf spot. The legendary wave rider is played by Hollywood's charming newcomer Jonny Weston, who cuts a pretty good figure in a wetsuit alongside Gerard Butler. At this point there are ten hot facts about the 23-year-old American, from whom the film world will certainly hear a lot in the future:

1.Jonny Weston is from South Carolina and already stood on a surfboard when he was 11 - he hated it at the time.

2. When he was 18, he moved to the West Coast to study at the University of Southern California. His chemistry class bored him and he switched to theater class instead. From then on he only wanted one thing: to become an actor!

3. Before he appeared in films, however, Jonny Weston was already in front of the camera as a promotional model for the Burlington Coat Factory.

4. His acting career began in 2011 in New York with a role in the independent film "Someday this pain will be useful to you" with Marcia Gay Harden.

With his first salary from Hollywood, the young actor bought a motorcycle - and wrecked it.

6. When Jonny Weston wrote the script Mavericks - Live your dream Reading through for the first time, he thought to himself, “Shit, that scares me. Maybe I shouldn't read that at all ... "

7. Determined to master the honorable lead role as surfing icon Jay Moriarity, he had to work hard on himself: surfing 12 hours a day or paddling eight miles.

He spent a lot of time on set with Kim Moriarity, the widow, and Bob Pearson, one of Jay Moriarity's best friends. The two close confidants showed Jonny all the places Jay once went surfing.

Not only in the movie, but in real life too, Gerard Butler is a mentor for Jonny Weston. On the set, he was able to get a lot of advice for his own career from the experienced action star.

10.Jonny's favorite scene Mavericks - Live your dream is the nightly surfing scene with Leven Rambin, who plays the role of Jay's longtime friend Kim in the film.

Curious? Then you should mark January 17th 2013 in your calendar. Then Jonny Weston starts in Mavericks - Live your dream as a “board icon” Jay Moriarity in Germany, too! Until then, you can get yourself into a summer and surfing mood with the official trailer:

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