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Cod. 1PLINIUS Cod. 2Cod. 3Cod. 4Cod. 5Cod. 6Cod. 7Cod. 8Cod. 9PLINIUS Parchment 189, IV Bl. St. Blasien in the Black Forest (?), Beginning of the 12th century.Cod. 10COLLECTIVE MANUAL (Latin / German) Parchment 155 sheets St. Blasien in the Black Forest (?), Early 12th centuryCod. 11CICERO parchment 320 sheets Italy (Florence), around 1470Cod. 12Cod. 13Cod. 14Cod. 15LIVIUS parchment IV, 193, IV * sheet Italy (?), 1st half of the 5th centuryCod. 16Cod. 17Cod. 18Cod. 19Cod. 20Cod. 21Cod. 22LIVIUS parchment III, 231, II * sheet Italy (Florence), 1450-1470Cod. 23PLUTARCHUS parchment II, 219 sheets Italy (Florence), 1458-1470Cod. 23 *GRAMMAR Parchment II, 50, I * Bl. Austria (Melk or Vienna and the surrounding area), around 1446/1447Cod. 24PTOLOMAEUS parchment II, 216 sheets Hungary (Esztergom? And Buda), 1467 and 1489/1490Cod. 25 [today: Budapest, Országos Széchényi Könyvtár, Cod. Lat. 417]PHILOSTRATUS parchment 171 sheets Hungary (Buda), 1487-1490Cod. 26Cod. 27Cod. 28Cod. 29Cod. 30QUINTILIANUS parchment 285 sheets around 1480Cod. 31Cod. 32Cod. 33Cod. 34Cod. 35Cod. 36Cod. 37Cod. 38 Northern France (?), 1st quarter of the 14th centuryCod. 39 Venice, Friuli, 1456Cod. 40 3rd quarter of the 15th centuryCod. 41 16th centuryCod. 42 West Germany (?), End of the 15th centuryCod. 43 (today: Trento)Cod. 44REGIOMONTANUS parchment II, 138 sheets Hungary, 15th centuryCod. 45 Parchment Naples, end of the 15th centuryCod. 46 Parchment Naples, 15th centuryCod. 47Cod. 48 Parchment Florence, 1469Cod. 49 Parchment Naples, 15th centuryCod. 50 · Parchment · · Northern Italy; Salzburg, 2nd half of the 10th centuryCod. 51 Parchment South Germany, end of the 12th centuryCod. 52 Parchment France, 14th centuryCod. 53 Parchment Northern Italy, 1307Cod. 54VITRUVIUS parchment Naples, 15th centuryCod. 55 Parchment South Germany, end of the 10th centuryCod. 56 Parchment Northern Italy, 1465Cod. 57LANDULFUS SAGAX. LIBER HISTORIAE FRANCORUM. PS. FREDEGARIUS SCHOLASTICUS parchment 207 sheets around 1200Cod. 58Cod. 59Cod. 60 (today: Trento)Cod. 61Cod. 62Cod. 63Cod. 64Cod. 65Cod. 66Cod. 67ISIDORUS HISPALENSIS parchment I, 174 sheets Göttweig (?), 2nd half of the 12th centuryCod. 68Cod. 69Cod. 70Cod. 71Cod. 72 (today: Trient, Biblioteca comunale, W 72)Cod. 73Cod. 74Cod. 75Cod. 76STATIUS parchment 206 sheets Italy (Florence), around 1470Cod. 77Cod. 78Cod. 79Cod. 80Cod. 81Cod. 81 *VERGILIUS parchment 4 sheets 11th centuryCod. 82 [today: Budapest, Országos Széchényi Könyvtár, Cod. Lat. 413]AGATHIAS parchment 165 sheets around 1483/1484Cod. 83Cod. 84Cod. 85 Parchment 124 sheets 1st half of the 12th centuryCod. 86Cod. 87ARISTOTLE LATINUS parchment 317 sheets end of the 13th centuryCod. 88 (today: Trento)Cod. 89 · Parchment · 191 sheets · Saint-Amand; Salzburg, St. Peter, 9th to 10th centuryCod. 90CAESAR parchment I, 109, II * sheet Northern Italy, 1st half of the 15th centuryCod. 91LIVIUS (Italian) Parchment III, 188 sheets Italy (Lombardy), 1448Cod. 92VERGILIUS parchment II, 252, II * sheet Italy (Florence), 3rd quarter of the 15th centuryCod. 93MEDICAL COLLECTIVE MANUAL · Parchment · 161 sheets · 1st half of the 13th centuryCod. 94Cod. 95 Parchment 1st quarter of the 13th centuryCod. 96Cod. 97Cod. 98CAESAR. HIRTIUS parchment 165 sheets Italy (Naples), 9th decade 15th centuryCod. 99Cod. 100LUCANUS parchment 95 sheets Northern Italy, 1339Cod. 101Cod. 102Cod. 103Cod. 104Cod. 105 [today: Budapest, Országos Széchényi Könyvtár, Cod. Lat. 414]QUINTILIANUS parchment 278 sheets Italy (Rome), around 1460/1470Cod. 106Cod. 107Cod. 108Cod. 109 [today: Budapest, Országos Széchényi Könyvtár, Cod. Lat. 423]CONRADUS DE MURE. CASSIUS DIO. BAPTISTA GUARINUS parchment 35 sheets Hungary, around 1470Cod. 110Cod. 111PLAUTUS parchment 297 sheets Northern Italy (Ferrara?), 1465-1472Cod. 112Cod. 113ARISTOTLE LATINUS parchment 90 sheets Northern Italy, 1279Cod. 114 · Parchment · II, 64, I * Bl. · Sankt Pantaleon in Cologne; Feuchtwangen, end of the 10th centuryCod. 115Cod. 116Cod. 117COLLECTING MANUAL parchment / paper 160 sheets 1465Cod. 118Cod. 119 (today: Trento)Cod. 120 (today: Trento)Cod. 121HRABANUS MAURUS parchment 157, (2) p. 852Cod. 122SENECA parchment 369 sheets Western France (Normandy?), Around 1460Cod. 123Cod. 124Cod. 125Cod. 126Cod. 127Cod. 128Cod. 129Cod. 130Cod. 131Cod. 132SUETONIUS parchment 203 sheets Italy (Florence?), Around 1470Cod. 133APPIANUS parchment 104 sheets Italy (Florence), around 1470Cod. 134 Parchment 29 sheets Austria (?), 2nd half of the 12th centuryCod. 135Cod. 136Cod. 137Cod. 138HISTORICAL COLLECTIVE MANUAL Parchment II, 73 sheets Florence or Buda ?, 1471Cod. 139Cod. 140STATIUS parchment 56 sheets Florence or Buda ?, around 1470Cod. 141PLINIUS parchment 105 sheets Northern Italy (Ferrara?), 3rd quarter of the 15th century (before 1464)Cod. 142PAULUS DIACONUS parchment 104 sheets 1st half of the 12th centuryCod. 143Cod. 144 (today: Trient, Biblioteca comunale, W 144)BOETHIUS Parchment VI, 62, V * Cod. 145Cod. 146CICERO (French) Parchment 98 sheets Northern France (Brittany?), Around 1500Cod. 147Cod. 148Cod. 149Cod. 150Cod. 151Cod. 152 [today: Budapest, Országos Széchényi Könyvtár, Cod. Lat. 427]ASCONIUS PEDIANUS parchment II, 80, I * sheet Italy (Florence), around 1460/1470Cod. 153STATIUS. PINDARUS parchment 40 sheets Italy, 14th centuryCod. 154DONATUS MINOR. DISTICHA CATONIS parchment IV, 18, III * sheet 1st half of the 14th centuryCod. 155Cod. 156Cod. 157Cod. 158 (today: Trient, Biblioteca comunale, W 158)Cod. 159Cod. 160Cod. 161Cod. 162 Parchment II, 49, I * Bl. Fulda and Regensburg, St. Emmeram, 8th to 9th centuryCod. 163Cod. 164Cod. 165Cod. 166ARISTOTLE. GILBERTUS PORRETANUS parchment 13th centuryCod. 167Cod. 168Cod. 169Cod. 170LUCRETIUS parchment 134 sheets Italy (Florence), around 1470Cod. 171 Parchment I, 78 sheets Austria or Germany, 12th centuryCod. 172Cod. 173OVIDIUS parchment 261 sheets Eastern Northern Italy (Verona or Ferrara), 3rd quarter of the 15th centuryCod. 174LETTER COLLECTION parchment 167 sheets around 1400Cod. 175Cod. 176Cod. 177Cod. 178 [today: Budapest, Országos Széchényi Könyvtár, Cod. Lat. 422]XENOPHONE parchment 55 sheets Hungary (Esztergom? And Buda), around 1470/1490Cod. 179 Parchment Italy (Florence?), Around 1470Cod. 180IUSTINUS parchment 132 sheets Cod. 181Cod. 182Cod. 183 Parchment 138 sheets France, 4th quarter of the 15th centuryCod. 184Cod. 185 Parchment 142 sheets Cod. 186 (today: Trient, Biblioteca comunale, W 186)Cod. 187Cod. 188 [today: Budapest, Országos Széchényi Könyvtár, Cod. Lat. 420]FULGENTIUS PLANCIADES parchment 65 sheets Cod. 189CICERO parchment 128 sheets Ferrières, 2nd third of the 9th centuryCod. 190Cod. 191Cod. 192Cod. 193Cod. 194Cod. 195ARISTOTLE parchment 14th centuryCod. 196Cod. 197Cod. 198Cod. 199Cod. 200Cod. 201Cod. 202Cod. 203IORDANES. EXCERPTUM EX GALLICA HISTORIA parchment formerly 150 sheets Lorsch (?), 2nd third of the 11th centuryCod. 204Cod. 205Cod. 206Cod. 207Cod. 208Cod. 208 *Cod. 209Cod. 210Cod. 211Cod. 212Cod. 213Cod. 214Cod. 215SOLINUS 15th centuryCod. 216Cod. 217Cod. 218GEORGIUS TRAPEZUNTIUS parchment 86 sheets Italy (Rome), 3rd quarter of the 15th centuryCod. 219Cod. 220Cod. 221Cod. 222Cod. 223Cod. 224CATULLUS. TIBULLUS. PROPERTIUS parchment I, 172, II * sheet Italy (Florence), around 1470Cod. 225 (today: Trient, Biblioteca comunale, W 225)CICERO. MACROBIUS parchment / paper I, 65 (64), I * Cod. 226 12th centuryCod. 227Cod. 228Cod. 229ISOCRATES. LEONARDUS BRUNUS ARETINUS Parchment II, 32 sheets Northern Italy, 3rd quarter of the 15th centuryCod. 230Cod. 231Cod. 232Cod. 233Cod. 234Cod. 235Cod. 236 (today: Trient, Biblioteca comunale, W 236)CICERO Parchment IV, 76, IV * Cod. 237Cod. 238Cod. 239Cod. 240Cod. 241 (today: Trient, Biblioteca comunale, W 241)Cod. 242Cod. 243Cod. 244Cod. 245Cod. 246 · Parchment · · Central Europe; Italy?, 12th to 13th centuryCod. 247Cod. 248Cod. 249 [today: Budapest, Országos Széchényi Könyvtár, Cod. Lat. 419]Cod. 250Cod. 251Cod. 252Cod. 253