Should there be honorary degrees

What are honorary members and what are their rights?

Many clubs have and appreciate them: honorary members.

But what does one actually understand by a "Honorary member" and which right do you have in the club? To whom and how to give one Honorary membership?

The topic "Honorary members in the associationβ€œIn this article we get to the bottom. πŸ™‚

We look at the following questions in this post:

  1. What are honorary members?
  2. Who is awarded an honorary membership?
  3. What status and what rights do honorary members have in the association?
  4. What is an "honorary chairman"?
  5. Why should one award honorary degrees?

What are honorary members?

Honorary members are mostly people who have made a special contribution to the association.

Honorary members often have certain Services which helped the club a lot. Your services are milestones in the further development of the association.

The highest distinction that an association can bestow on such persons is a "Honorary Status". This status is then ascertained by the "Honorary Member" or for "Honorary Chairman" expressed.

Who is awarded an honorary membership?

Depending on how the statutes provide, you can both active members and "non-members" be made an honorary member.

In practice, however, these are often active or passive club members who have supported the club for many years or who are particularly committed to certain functions and assume responsibility. Sometimes passive members are also made honorary members who repeatedly support the association with high donations.

Important: If someone is proposed for honorary membership, it is important that the person to be honored agrees to the proposal. The association cannot unilaterally determine who receives honorary membership.

What status and what rights do honorary members have in the association?

If an association offers someone honorary membership, it is important to decide in advance whether or not

  1. the person is merely offered an honorary title that is not linked to membership obligations,
  2. "real members" are raised to honorary members,
  3. or the honorary members are granted a special right laid down in the statutes.

1. Honorary membership as a mere award of an honorary title

If in the statutes of the association no special rights for honorary members provides, then the award of honorary membership is merely the award of an honorary title. The general assembly can freely assign these to real members or non-members. If the person to be honored is a non-member, he is not entitled to membership with the award of the honorary title. She does not have the right to vote or to participate in the general meetings.

Such an honor is only intended to honor special services to the association.

2. Honorary membership as a special form of membership

The statutes can be an honorary membership as one special form of membership describe. However, this must be expressly stipulated in the statutes!
In contrast to the mere award of an honorary title, this type of honorary membership is necessarily linked to membership. The person to be honored receives everyone with the award of honorary membership Rights and duties of an ordinary memberas well as voting rights and the right to participate in the general meeting.

3. Honorary membership with special rights

The statutes can give honorary members a Special right admit, which very often relate to a Exemption from contributions relates. Of course, other special rights are also conceivable (e.g. the right to participate in board meetings).

What is an "honorary chairman"?

If an association chairman leaves office, he can be used as a sign of recognition of his achievements "Honorary Chairman" to get voted. If this title is associated with special rights (e.g. exemption from contributions), this must be defined in the statutes.

Why should one award honorary degrees?

Honors are a sign of appreciation. These are great occasions that should also take place in a somewhat solemn and festive setting. As a rule, this also includes reporting in the local newspaper, because honors are a great opportunity to stimulate public relations in the association again.

For members who are honored for their longstanding activities and special achievements, the recognition of their work in the form of an honorary title is something very special. They are looking forward to this event for a long time and are looking forward to the honor that will be bestowed upon them. But an honor can also be an incentive for all other members to continue working for the association.

Conclusion: honorary memberships in the club

Honors are great occasions to recognize certain members for their good performance and dedication. Think about who in your club deserves an honor. Surely there is one or the other person who is always there when the going gets tough. Someone who spares no expense or effort to support the association. Or someone who stands out from the crowd because of his high level of responsibility. With the offer of an honorary membership one can bring great joy to loyal members. But be careful: Do not treat the award of honorary memberships too inflationarily, because honorary degrees should be something very special. If every other member is an "honorary member," where is the incentive? πŸ˜‰ You can find out here how you can easily upgrade honors (for example with small gifts).