Is Donald Trump a Marxist

Senate elections: pastor becomes dangerous for Trump's Republicans

This pastor could thwart Donald Trump's party

Control of political power in Washington is at stake in Tuesday's Senate elections. Completely guilty of the likely victory of the Democrats is Trump.

When Senator Kelly Loeffler visited the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Georgia's capital Atlanta a year ago at the invitation of Pastor Raphael Warnock, she was deeply impressed. The Republican - the richest politician in the Senate with an estimated fortune of $ 800 million - spoke of a "holy" place. This is what many Americans feel when they visit the historic complex where black civil rights activist Martin Luther King once preached.

In the final phase of the election campaign for the two Senate seats in Georgia, with which the extraordinary American election year will end on Tuesday, Loeffler is now adopting a completely different tone.

Her former host Raphael Warnock wants to prevent her re-election as a democratic challenger. And 50-year-old Kelly Loeffler strikes harsh tones. The black pastor is a "Marxist" who hates white America and wants to change America from the ground up, the Republican complains on Twitter.

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Saving the Senate is about saving America from his radical agenda.

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- Kelly Loeffler (@KLoeffler) November 12, 2020

The 51-year-old Warnock, who has headed the Ebenezer Baptist Church since 2005, primarily wants to change the role of the church in American politics. The pastor believes that the church should not only talk about religious salvation, but also about social justice and politics.

Warnock, who grew up in a council flat in the city of Savannah in which ten family members shared four bedrooms, has a fundamentally different view of life than his extremely wealthy counterpart, who turned from a farmer's daughter to an entrepreneur. In his long career as a pastor, he has repeatedly made himself vulnerable with outspoken statements. Statements that haunt him now in the election campaign.

Loeffler distributed a video from 2011 in which Warnock said, referring to the Gospel of Matthew: "Nobody can serve God and the armed forces at the same time." The pastor also regularly campaigned for oppressed peoples in his sermons. In 2019, after a pilgrimage, he drew comparisons between the racist apartheid state in South Africa and the oppression of the Palestinians by the Israeli armed forces.

The Republican brings Warnock close to child abuse

The greatest political damage in the election campaign, however, was caused by an episode from the summer of 2002, which Loeffler warmed up with relish. Almost 20 years ago, Warnock served as a pastor for a church in Baltimore, Maryland. He was arrested during a summer camp for African Americans in the countryside for allegedly obstructing the local police investigation into suspected child abuse.

Warnock later said he was just trying to make sure there was someone they trusted in the room when investigating authorities got ready to speak to children. The prosecution later found the pastor right and the allegations against him were dropped.

It is also not helpful that Warnock divorced his wife last year. And that this separation was anything but amicable. His ex-wife claimed that the pastor injured her in March 2020 by running his car over her foot. However, the police found no evidence to support this claim and decided not to bring proceedings against Warnock.

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Phony @ReverendWarnock puts on a good act, but in body cam footage, his then-wife said he has a questionable reputation and showed his true character when he allegedly ran over her foot. Georgians want the truth about Warnock. # GASen # / SEBjoAxi1j

- The Senate Majority (@NRSC) December 28, 2020

Despite these broadsides, Warnock did surprisingly well in the election campaign, in which nothing less than the control of the Senate in Washington is at stake - also because he did not allow himself to be lured from the reserve.

I told you the smear ads were coming, but Georgians will see Sen. @ Kloeffler’s ads for what they are.

- Reverend Raphael Warnock (@ReverendWarnock) November 24, 2020

According to the opinion polls, Warnock has not only succeeded in convincing African Americans of his candidacy, but also religious white swap voters. It is also thanks to President Donald Trump that the Democrat is getting growing support from them. Last week he openly called for the resignation of Georgia's Republican Governor Brian Kemp for refusing to investigate Trump's election fraud allegations.

Warnock has Trump to thank

The latest revelation by the Washington Post has fueled further resentment in the Republican camp. The newspaper published a recording of a phone call over the weekend in which Trump pressured the electoral officials in Georgia to find 11,000 votes for him - whichever way. If they don't, he would consider taking legal action against them, the president said.

And that is the real surprise in this election campaign: It cannot be ruled out that a black senator will be elected for the first time in the southern state of Georgia on Tuesday - and that this senator would owe his election to President Trump.

That's why the Georgia elections are so important

Georgia will elect two new senators on Tuesday. The Democrat Raphael Warnock (51) will face the incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler (50), the Democrat Jon Ossoff (33) against the Republican David Perdue (71). According to the latest polls, the Democratic candidates are ahead in both races. The Senate election campaign is already the most expensive in US history. Since election day on November 3rd alone, the candidates have invested more than $ 480 million in canvassing.

The elections in the state of Georgia are of great importance because their outcome will determine the majority in the small American Chamber of Parliament. As of now, the Republicans have 51 seats, the Democrats 48. If the Democrats win both races in Georgia, the balance of power is exactly 50 to 50. In this case, Vice President Kamala Harris, the official Senate chairperson, would have the casting vote.

If Republicans lose the Georgia elections, they will be in the minority in both houses (the Senate and the House of Representatives). That would make it much more difficult for them to slow down President Joe Biden's government program. (sas)