How is life at 40

Women over 40: the life crisis is bound to come!

They travel the world, run marathons or suddenly split up: women like to have a midlife crisis in the middle of life. And that's just as well.

Luisa runs. Every day at least ten kilometers. Sonja has just separated from her husband. That just didn't fit anymore. And Ulrike finally wants to go to Japan. Preferably all alone. She bought the ticket yesterday.

Meetings with my friends are full of surprises right now. We're all around 40, some of us are in our mid-40s. Our children get out of the rough, the men have been by our side for a long time. We are still young but we see the end slowly coming. We want to have a good life now.

One of us secretly broke up

The first have serious back problems. Others are no longer so relaxed about the wrinkles on their faces. We all know what is important in life. On the edge, defiance is easier to spread. "No young man is looking at me anymore," Corinna said the other day, slightly moaning. "I'll get braces next week. If there is nothing left in the right place on the rest of the body, it will at least be my teeth," added Katharina dryly. "We're getting a divorce," Sonja shocked us all. "The time until the decision wasn't nice, but now I'm very relieved."

We're still young, but half of it is up

Midlife Crisis is What For Men? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. My friends and I are right in the middle of it all. Where one is running a marathon, the other is straightening her teeth and one is getting botox injections, another has clandestinely filed for divorce. "I have half of my life behind me now. Should I stay with someone I no longer love?" she just said very calmly. "That's a waste of time".

A crisis doesn't have to be bad

Sonja looked good, happy, relaxed and somehow very balanced. By the way, her husband and she had agreed, even if he probably would never have said it.

Does the crisis have to be bad? No, not if it makes people happy and frees them. Luisa at least is in the shape of her life, Ulrike is looking forward to her trip, Sonja recently met someone, she is freshly in love. Corinna decided on Botox. Katharina for straight teeth. No matter what: They are all decided. You don't want to waste time. And that's just as well.